The prototype SegVator® SegPlow™ allows expert gliders to have some fun clearing your driveway or sidewalk.  The SegPlow™ has a rugged, simple & compact design.  With a stainless steel plow with reversible/replaceable steel base edge, you can use your Segway© to clear your snow!

The SegVator® SegPlow™ is built for safety.  It’s spring loading assists should you encounter an obstacle or crack in the pavement.   The frame design restricts fore and aft movement to limit the chance of tipping over from a loss of traction.

Drive-on, drive-off quick-attach design makes for easy mounting of your SegPlow™.  No lifting is required. Quick-attach locking plates mount to the motor housings between the platform and tire, flip-down locking levers are on each side of the platform.  Once the locking plates are installed, your SegPlow™ removes and installs in seconds.

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