The Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) is part of the mobility equation – SegVator® is the other part
SegVator® is available in a single configuration, or with the addition of the SegVator® dual conversion kit,
your SegVator® can transport multiple Segway® PT’s.  Conversion from single to dual mode and back can
be done in seconds.

*The vehicle hitch must be a “class 2” or greater rating with the appropriate capacity to safely accommodate the
weight of the SegVator® Lift and the Segway® PT(s) being transported.*


SegVator® uses a standard round 7-way (RV style) trailer electric plug and standard 2″  receiver hitch.  SegVator® has built-in lights for nighttime load/unload assistance.  SegVator® is very easy to use, a single up/down toggle switch raises and lowers your Segway© PT.

Easy On/Off 

SegVator® allows for easy load & unload of your Segway® in under 30 seconds.  No ramps or hoists needed – drive on/off.

Safe Hauling

SegVator® safely secures your Segway® automatically without tie-down straps via locking arms.  SegVator® works with a variety of Segway® PT models and tire combinations.

Standard or High-Lift – Choosing the Correct Model Height

SegVator® offers a standard (13″ lift height) model for most cars and sedans. The high-lift (18″ lift height) model is better suited for most trucks and SUV’s. Measure from level ground the height to the inside bottom of your hitch receiver tube. The standard unit can be used for heights of 12” or less. The high-lift option should be ordered for heights over 12”.”

Inverter Kit Option

SegVator® charges your Segway® PT while you drive with the optional built-in power inverter kit and cord.  The inverter is designed to only charge one Segway® PT at a time.

For additional information and photos on SegVator®, use the link below for a PDF of the SegVator® product.


Installation and wiring guides for the SegVator® Lift™

SegVator® Installation Manual PDF
SegVator® Wiring Diagram PDF