Using your SegVator

Step 1

Attach unit to the vehicles hitch (Two Pins). Be sure to also connect your power supply via trailer light coupling

Step 2

Using the UP / DOWN control on the SegVator, lower the unit to the ground. Adjust the arms on the SegVator to receive the Segway. This includes the arms that will support the tires and the locking arms that will secure the Segway as needed.

Step 3

With the Arms in receiving positions, move the Segway onto the SegVator.

Step 4

Use the Lift Switch to raise the Segvator arms up. This will lift the Segway off the ground and the Locking arms will lock the unit into place, safe for transit. There are no straps or additional tie downs needed.

Step 5

The locking arms will trap the Segway between the base arms with pressure, securing the Segway.

Step 6

Ready to roll.