SegVator®, LLC is a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of aftermarket products designed to enhance the functionality of the Segway® Personal Transporter.  The products include the SegVator® Power Lift, several versions of the LeanSeat™ and the SegPlow™ snow plow prototype.  We incorporate the principles of universal design allowing the broadest range of people to use our products.

SegVator® began design, prototyping and testing in early 2006 and began manufacturing and shipping products in early 2007.  The first public display of SegVator® products was at SegwayFesT 2006 in Long Beach, CA.  We distribute products world-wide exclusively through the Segway® authorized dealer network.

Our products are designed to be rugged, reliable, interchangeable throughout all Segway® models, easy to use and elegantly simple.  The SegVator® Power Lift can be purchased as a single hauler and then upgraded at a later date to a dual hauler providing maximum flexibility.  The LeanSeat’s™ can be used on Gen 1 and Gen 2 machines as well.

SegVator® is proud to support SegwayFesT 2008 and wishes to thank all the dealers and customers that support our work.  SegVator® has no paid staff and most of our manufacturing expenses are absorbed by the owners.  All SegVator® proceeds go to DRAFT and their Segs4Vets program.  In 2007, we presented a check to Segs4Vets for nearly $44,000.00 in addition to the SegVator® Power Lifts donated to Segs4Vets recipients.

SegVator® is a registered trademark and LeanSeat™ and SegPlow™ are trademarks of SegVator®, LLC.  Patent Pending.  Segway® is a registered trademark of Segway®, Inc.  SegVator® products are not manufactured or endorsed by Segway®, Inc.