The Ultimate Segway Transporter

The SegVator line of products is designed to enhance the functionality of the Segway Personal Transporter.

The SegVator Power Lift and LeanSeat is rugged, reliable, and easy to use. It can be purchased as a single hauler and upgraded any time to a dual hauler. The LeanSeat can be used on Gen 1 and Gen 2 Segways.

The SegVator Lift is the next generation in transportation for your Segway PT!

The Segway PT is finding its way into all manner of both consumer and business applications. Police departments are using the Segway to help patrol more effectively, consumers are using the Segway PT for basic travel and recreation.

With the ability to load and unload in under 30 seconds, and its rugged, simple and compact design that extends less that 32″ from the rear of a vehicles receiver hitch, SegVator solves your Segway transportation struggles.

Features & Benefits

SegVator uses a standard round 7-way (RV style) trailer electric plug and standard 2″ receiver hitch. SegVator has built-in lights for nighttime load/unload assistance. SegVator is very easy to use, a single up/down toggle switch raises and lowers your Segway PT.
Inverter Kit Option
SegVator charges your Segway PT while you drive with the optional built-in power inverter kit and cord. The inverter is designed to only charge one Segway PT at a time.
Easy On/Off
SegVator allows for easy load & unload of your Segway in under 30 seconds. No ramps or hoists needed – drive on/off.
Safe Hauling
SegVator safely secures your Segway automatically without tie-down straps via locking arms. SegVator works with a variety of Segway PT models and tire combinations.